Clearspan Tents


  • Clearspan Tents are highly rigid in design resulting in the ability to create large internal spaces, with dramatic ceiling heights, without be confined by any interior obstructions. 
  • Clearspan Tents have the capacity to accommodate sophisticated lighting designs, large scale staging elements, and almost limitless interior design. 
  • Clearspan Tents provide a more exciting alternative for large-scale events normally destined for indoor venues.  
  • Clearspan Tents are highly utilized as corporate suites during world-class sporting events. 
  • Clearspan tents are available in the following widths:  20’, 30’, 40’, 50, 65’, 80’, & 100’ (and virtually any length). 
  • Perfect Tent for Skyboxes or large corporate suites
  • Excellent Upscale alternative to traditional frame tents for private parties or weddings
  • Free standing structure and has no interior poles
  • Within reason, this style of tent will allow for installations over large obstacles
  • If necessary , tent can be installed using weights

Projects that use Clearspan Tents

  • Glass Wall System
  • Farm Events
  • Temporary Expansion of Venue Space
  • Luxury Backyard Wedding
  • Country Wedding
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